Experienced, Personal Consulting

Experienced, Personal Consulting

Experienced, Personal ConsultingExperienced, Personal ConsultingExperienced, Personal Consulting


Now comes the challenging part... time to submit the application and paperwork to the Nat  Maritime  Center  for Issuance. 

Many clients have said, "The application was much harder than the training course".  Credential Application Review Service and our team of experienced experts that completely and thoroughly review your application, even act on your behalf as a 3rd party with application submission to the National Maritime Center.   Let's finish what you have accomplished thus far, with our experts at Credential Application Review Service on your side, get your application approved and your MMC license in your hands ASAP!!

The Application Process is as   EASY as 1...2...3!!

Step 1

Securely email a copy of the application and associated documents to Credential Application Review  Service  for a comprehensive review and application submission  to  the  NMC..                                                                                                           


Step 2

As your application moves through the National Maritime Center and  the credentialing (evaluation) process  begins, you will receive email updates from the National Maritime Center as it moves through the NMC portal.

Step 3

After the applications final approval by the National Maritime Center and issuance of your MMC Credentials and it  is in your possession...   

You are now ready to set sail!

Please Note:  Once your application has been submitted for processing, the time in between when it is sent to the NMC and when they issue your license is dependent on how quickly the NMC is processing applications.  As your 3rd party representative,  should you need assistance,  Credential Application Review Service  is here to assist you with verifying the current status of your application.