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Application Requirements


Your next step to getting your USCG license in your hands…

What to submit via email to us:

MMC Required  Documentation 

Merchant Mariner form (Form 719-B)

DUI/Felony or Convention (Form  719-C) (If Applicable)

Sea Service Form  (Form 719-S)

Medical Exam (Form 719-K)

USCG approved Drug Screen  (Form 719-P)  (or letter from current employer)

Copies of   ALL Educational Certificates


USCG approved CPR/First Aid Course - Offered through Credential Application Review Service

Submit 1 of the following : Birth Certificate or Passport

Renewals Only:  previous USCG License) 

USCG Application Fee Payment  -Original OUPV license or Raise in Grade to Masters 100 GRT or 200 GRT

Original OUPV/Master - $145  or  Renewal - $95 (2 Methods of payment: Personal check to: US Coast Guard,               or print and include receipt from (



Paying your USCG application fee – made  easily!

To avoid processing delays, having to snail-mail or bring your application to a Regional USCG office (REC)and then have a check outstanding for 4-6 weeks, we highly recommend using  where you simply use a credit or debit card, or direct debit (ACH) from a bank account, enter some demographic data and follow the steps to obtain the receipt, which will go with your application.  

1 – Log in to and click on “Pay a Merchant Mariner User Fee – Pay it right here”

2 – Click the dark blue “Continue to the Form” box

3 – On the next Informational page, type in your entries – name, address, etc. Those with red *asterisks are required.  If you are a first-time original, enter your SSN in that box, or your license Reference # if you are renewing or upgrading your current license. 

4 – Next, click and open the drop-down list of Regional Exam Centers. Select 

“Charleston –SC”.

5 – Select the correct fee for what you are doing next, using the drop-down boxes by category:    

A USCG original application  fee  is $145 ($100 for evaluation and $45 for the MMC issuance), as are Raise in Grade from Operator to Master; Renewals are $95.  

Let’s look at an Orginal Fee selection process, in order:

A -Credential Category - Officer Endorsements only

B –Type of Endorsement - Original Officer Endorsement $100.00

C – Additional Endorsements - This one will Gray out – (skip it)

D -  Examination / Testing Fee - Course in lieu of exam $0.00 (no cost)

E -  Issuance Fees - Pay MMC issuance fee now $45.00

(Renewals and other transactions vary slightly; call if questions or help!)

(Next page)

6 – Click the circle how you wish to pay – Bank account, or Debit or Credit Card

(Next page)

7 – Enter the * asterisked boxes for you and your card’s information, then “Review and submit information”.   

(Next Page) Click to Authorize the transaction.  

The last page has  “Print Receipt” in blue  – click that and print. It's roughly a page and 1/3.  That will be the last but important document in your application when it is scanned over to the USCG, so send that to your CARS specialist.

Final steps


How to submit for review:

1. Complete all required documentation.   Refer to The Application Requirements

2. Scan ALL completed documents to a .PDF file

3. CARS  Service  Fees

4. Email .PDF file to

Once we have received your application and payment received, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted for any corrections needed, if any.  After the application is complete, it will be forwarded on to the Regional Exam Center.


Mariner Credential From

Criminal Record Form

Medical Form

Urine Drug Test Form

Sea Service Form

Medical Short Form


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Credential Application Review

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