The Final Steps



Congratulations on passing the USCG Captain's examinations. It has often been said, "The application was much harder than the training course".   Credential Application Review Service, CARS is a team of experts to completely review your submission, even act on your behalf as a 3rd party, for submission to the National Maritime Center.   Complete your road to your success 

with CARS.   

Our professional service includes:


Application review for accuracy and with all necessary information received with your submission.   After precision review and correction (if needed), it will then be sent to the National Maritime Center for processing via the secure cloud within 96 hours (4 Days).

As your application moves through the credentialing process, you will receive email updates from the National Maritime Center.

You will receive email updates from the NMC that include:

Review of your medical documentation and the status of your review

Note:  You will receive your medical card first.

After final review, your license will be printed and mailed to you via USPS.

For additional status updates, you also have the option of going to the National Maritime Center’s website and use their live chat feature to chat with an agent to check the status of your application.

 National Maritime Center “Live Chat” link:

Please Note:  Once your application has been submitted for processing, the time in between when it is sent to the NMC and when they issue your license is dependent on how quickly the NMC is processing applications.  If you should need the service, CARS can assist you with verifying the current status of your application.